lego diver custom minifigs vignette

 lego diver custom minifigs vignette by simon jackson

(lego diver custom minifigs vignette by simon jackson)

Have a look at these custom minifig divers, they are pretty cool the diving helmets are totally unique, being custom made, whilst the minifigs have decals that look custom made as well, in addition the vignette with is blue wather and diving pump really sets the scene giving the minifigs a sense of dynamism, after watching Men of Honor, I can’t help but this this vignette was inspired by the notorious Navy Diving school that was so accurately portrayed in the film, regardless these minifigs are brilliant and Lego should consider making these custom diving helmets.

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  1. These helmets are amazing! I’ve been looking for a custom minifigure store that makes them; any suggestions?


  2. Hey I just found these blogged on here, just to clear a few things up, the torso is the back of Yoda and I made them as my father is a diver in the Royal Navy and has a fascination with old diving gear, this was a present for his birthday. the porthole are cut from the trans bases of the old style 2×4 wheel blocks, and the bricks on his feet are his weighted shoes

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