LEGO D-DAY 2 PARATROOPERS lego animation movie

Now here’s a great lego animation, and I think Ken will like this (he loves paratroopers) it’s a animation about a paratrooper in ww2, it could be better but right now this is the best you can find on the web. The main reason this was intresting is the elite forces in the end, notice the very detailed berets, would love to see one of those become real ABS products. Here is the link to the youtube video if you want to watch it there.

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5 Responses to LEGO D-DAY 2 PARATROOPERS lego animation movie

  1. Major Minifig says:

    wow I love it!

  2. jACK says:


  3. N0@h says:

    Meh,Not “the best”,but its ok,P.S. checkout my website(Noah’s lego)

  4. N0@h says:

    If I were you,On youtube look at sparton vs mario 2,it rocks

  5. N0@h says:

    >:0 I think first is better

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