Lego Custom minifig engraving and printing

Lego Custom minifig engraving and printing

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Whilst this image really doesn’t do this justice, you have to look at a larger image to really appreciate what is so unique about the images on theses Lego minifigs. When you do however you’ll notice that the images on these Lego custom minifigs are actually engraved rather than decals, pictures on the slab like magazines are photo printed directly onto the Lego surface, which is why there is so much detail and I think they look great, however I’m still unsure how long lasting printing directly onto Lego would be, after all you’d need a special kind of ink to keep it on the Lego surface. Definitely worth checking out if you can, and ignore the poor quality site. Check out here.

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  1. Sorry–should have reread–corrected version

    You are right about the site–needs a major upgrade.
    Also have one that will be developing at

    Engraving figs lasts forever but one color and simple graphics.
    Printing directly on them will wear off with use, as do figs printed with pad printing like TLG does. However I have now developed a pretty darn good coating to overcoat them and the abrasion resistance is actually pretty good.

    My daughter has finally graduated from college and she is getting me organized.

    I have now with the help of BrickForge come up up with a non-LEGO piece called a Fig-TEE(tm) –essentially a Tee shirt for a minifig. Onto these I can print or engrave artwork that would normally be impossible because of trademark violations. Such as your company logo, etc. which is prohibited by TLG. This is NOT a LEGO(tm) product. An accessory product sold by itself and produced by me.

    Tommy Armstrong
    The BrickEngraver/BrickPrinter

    Will try and work on the website. Kind of scared to change it too much as comes up on top in Google and Bing with LEGO and Engraving as search parameters. lol

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