Lego colour spectrum minifigs

 Lego colour spectrum minifigs

(Lego colour spectrum minifigs by Holodoc)

seeing as today is the first day of President Obama, I thought it relevant to bring up that taboo topic of colour, see colour doesn’t matter, not in a presidency or in Lego, infact, at least in the case of Lego, colour helps make these minifigs stand out, colour helps enhance these minifigs. Whats interesting is that Lego doesn’t actually make flat coloured minifigs, you have to custom make flat coloured minifigs, sourcing the torso, legs, arms, head and accessories of the minifig independently, hence why I would put these in the category of custom minifigs.

Interestingly there is a cool custom minifig of Holodoc, a sigfig if you like, and its got a custom decal as well, a la star trek.

One thought on “Lego colour spectrum minifigs

  1. What is the best way to get a customised colour figure?

    I’m after purple, in particular a purple face; I’m not picky about expression but they don’t seem to exist.

    How should I go about achieving a purple Lego head?

    I could just paint a normal one, but that would destroy the smooth-plastic feel…

    Is there a custom site that would do them?

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