lego collectors minifig series 4

lego custom minifig series collectors 4

Yay, photos of the new lego collectors minifig series now out.

another skater, fishergnome, a viking, warewolf, franken moster, footballer, icehockey player, mad scientist, painter, sailor, punk rocker, surfer girl, radioactive worker, geisha, french musketeer, female figure skater. if these photos are to be believed, and there’s no reason why you wouldn’t, these lego series four minifigs are some of the best yet, interestingly i feel that some of these minifigs might give a few custom minifig companies a run for their money, amazing armory and brickforge with their custom minifig guitars, shmails with his custom minifig sailor and ice hockey player, even brick tw with the chinese fan bit. for you custom minifig fans, i don’t think its a big issue after all, for you guys this is about having some cool bits, it makes me wonder if lego are slowly moving into providing more ‘custom’ bits for minifig fans as a move to ‘formalize’ the lego custom minifig community, this can only be a good thing!

lego collectors custom minifig series 4