Lego Collectors Minifig Series 3 Round Up

lego collectors minifig box

So I was a little late to post up news about this and the various forums and lego new wires have been burning up as these new collectors minifigs are new starting to hit the stores over the pond in the US, why they get everything first despite Lego actually being a danish company is totally unfair.

First up, someone has broken down the contents of each of the big boxes which shows the rarity of each to the lego collectors minifigs in series 3-

lego minifig collectors sheet

•5 figs in the case – Sumo Guy, Alien with Raygun, Mummy with Scorpion, Octan Team Race Car Driver
•4 figs in the case – Mountaineer Guy, Samurai Guy, Man in Ape Suit with Banana, Baseball Player with Bat, Tennis Lady
•3 figs in the case – Native American Chief, Elfin Bowman, Terminator Space Guy, Rapper, Snowboard Chick, Hula Girl
•2 figs in the case – Fisherman

Interesting to see that Lego have decided the fisherman is the most rare. next, the guys at FTBT have also released a cheat sheet to help you find different Lego collectors minifigs, taking away some of the chance but letting you get one of each minifig rather than getting loads of duplicates.


Now, real life photos of the lego collectors minifig series 3 minifigs.

lego collectors minifigs

I have to say one of the really great things about the Lego collectors minifig series 3 is the new baseball cap, that you can see a close up of below, the shape is so much better than the original Lego baseball cap. also notice how Lego have now got their own baseball bat, not so great for brickarms i’d imagine…

lego collectors minifig baseball

Now, i’ve also come accross countless videos a few of them are below.

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4 thoughts on “Lego Collectors Minifig Series 3 Round Up

  1. Oh! This was a very successful method right up until December. After this, we had 50 boxes come in where the cheat sheet and cut open tactic actually worked. The next 50 in February did not. Woe is us! The dot seemed to slide around, move up and down, and WORSE, seems to add additional dots. We opened heaps up and MOST we right, but a big chunk had to be open up in the back to verify.

    Hope this helps. Ev.

  2. I drew the dots on to a piece of paper and went to John Lewis which is where I get the minifigs from. Alas, when I Looked at the packet, there were no dots at all! I looked at all of them to see if they were any different but they were all the same! So, I bought two random packets. However, when I got home, I opened one of them and it was the one I wanted – the Indian chief. But when I opened the other one …well… it was also the Indian Chief. My question is: how can you tell them apart if you are in the UK? Is it the small number at the bottom?

    1. for series three it appears that the dots aren’t accurate as a means of finding the right minifig so they best way determined so far has been to feel the packet.

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