Lego Business cards

Lego Business cards

I was actually head hunted for a Job at Lego once, due to my expert online marketing expertise, I sadly turned it down as I was in London and the Lego head office is in slough, and no amount of free Lego would pursuade me to move there. Had I know how great an environment it would be to work for Lego, and Had I known that Lego employees get their own custom minifig designed for them for use as a business card, I might actually have taken the Job at Lego, then got as many of these custom minifigs as I could get my hands on.

The Lego business  is actually for their sales teams at conventions and so forth, so most of the admin guys at Lego don’t get one of these Lego minifig business cards which is a bit of a shame, the reason behind the selectiveness of these Lego business cards is simply down to the fact that it costs Lego alot to setup a print for the Name and contact information on the minifigs torso, most of the other parts on the Lego minifig business card are actually standard Lego parts, this being said pretty cool that Lego would go to that lengths to keep their employees memorable. If you wanted to replicate these minifig Lego business cards as a custom project, your best bet is to get the Lego minifig engraved as a decal would rub off easily, not really good as far as a business card goes, go and check out Brick engravers who do a really good job.

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  1. Don’t bother asking him about getting your bricks engraved anymore. It’ll take him months to reply and he still won’t do anything.

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