Lego at Bullring Birmingham

Just got this through the email –
f you go to Bullring today, you’ll find a scale model of the shopping mall made out of 18,000 Lego pieces, together with a couple of hundred mini Lego shoppers that the public of Birmingham have customised to look like themselves and placed within the model.

On Dec 10th the public will once again be invited in to join the fun. They will have there very own Lego replica made and placed within the model. From cowboy hats to spacesuits shoppers are allowed to personalise the figures to reflect their own personalities. Everyone who takes part on the day will also take part in a photoshoot where we’re hoping to get everyone in one big picture.

If you want to come down and spread the Christmas cheer then let us know and we will hold a Lego character for you to turn it into a mini plastic you to be immortalized in the Lego world. You’ll be able to tag your picture of your Lego character on Flickr, Facebook and you can even make a digital character here at

For information and to make your own Lego model




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