Kreig Kommander custom minifig

Kreig Kommander custom minifig
Kreig Kommander custom minifig by JasBrick

Jasbrick made this supurb Kreig Kommander custom minifig with a few carefully modified and painted parts such as the Lego shoulder pads and the Lego hat painted with various emblems. Its clean crisp and very Jsabrick. and yet more impressive is that gs mask which i still cant figure out how its made.

2 thoughts on “Kreig Kommander custom minifig

  1. Hi Ken… I posted some basic instructions on Flickr for the gasmask. Let me know if you need help recreating this… It is one of my new favourite mods.

    Thanks for the blog.


  2. Jas – cheers for the instructions, i was looking at the binoc piece, wouldn’t it be easier to cut the curve part where the minfigs face would be?

    regardless, you better send this to hazel so he can make a whole load of these!

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