KO Custom Minifigs Robo Zombie Custom Minifigure

Comic Book Deathlok

This Robo Zombie Custom Minifigure is inspired by the comic book version of Deathlok. Colonel Luther Manning is an American soldier from Detroit, Michigan, who, after being fatally injured, is reanimated in a post-apocalyptic future only to discover that what remains of his dead body has been turned into the experimental Deathlok cyborg by Simon Ryker.

KO Custom Minifigs Robo Zombie Custom Minifigure

This is a high quality pad printed custom minifigure by KO Custom Minifigs. He features 8 different colors pad printed, some of which are special metallic ink, including the robotic half of his face, the robotic eye and crosshairs, the flag, and the gold that is throughout the entire minifigure.

He comes with a single sided head, double sided torso, and printing to the front, back and sides of the legs as well as arm printing. He has 2 accessories which are the Brickarms M4A1 ‘Xeno’ Pulse Rifle – Black and Arealight Backpack – Flat Silver.

You can buy this Robo Zombie Custom Minifigure at Minifigures.co.uk now.