KO Custom Minfigs Chrome Claw Custom Minifigure

Classic Comic Book Wolverine Costume

This Chrome Claw Custom Minifigure is inspired by the Classic Comic Book Wolverine Costume. Pad printed the same as LEGO this high quality minfigure features an official LEGO double sided Woverine head and helmet, and comes with a double sided torso, printing to the front, back and sides of the legs and arm printing.

He comes with an excellent custom made plastic shoulder armour which has been airbrushed blue with pad printing ink, and 2 fantastic chrome claws.

Chrome Claw Custom Minifigure

This very limited custom minifigure comes in a special plastic collectable packaging box and a very nicely printed double sided trading card.

You can buy this Chrome Claw Custom Minifigure by KO Custom Minfigs now.