Kevin Chen as R2-D2 (Front)

Kevin Chen as R2-D2 (Front)
Kevin Chen as R2-D2 (Front) by Morgan190

totally awesome custom minifig, for the Eurobricks’ “Let’s Go Cosplay!” contest, really neat idea, simple swaps, great choice of face as well.

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3 Responses to Kevin Chen as R2-D2 (Front)

  1. Morgan19 says:

    “Simple” swaps!? Pfft! Nothing simple about it… Carving out the inside of the R2 pieces took a few days, nevermind the time figuring out how to get the head and arms to work. =P

    • LOL…wasn’t trying to poo poo your effort, often the simple things are the ones that make the biggest impact, is this clearly shows! i really love it, fantastic idea.

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