Jyn Galbelz FST Custom Minifigure

This Jyn Galbelz Custom Minifigure is a limited UV Digitally Printed minifigure by the Firestartoys Print Studio and follows on from the Jorjay Ra Meero Custom Minifigure. It also comes with unique collectors backing card and is limited to 200.

Based on the Icey planet of Ho-Ho-Hoth, Sleigh Squadron is ready to spread festive cheer throughout the galaxy. Being the youngest member of Sleigh Squadron Jyn Galbelz has a lot to prove when it comes to helping out with the festivities. Fortunately, with the help of her droid 3-LF and her artistic talent, she won’t have too much trouble.

Jyn Galbelz is the fifth pilot in our custom Sleigh Squadron collection and brings a selection of fun items with her. She has a fancy golden helmet, a custom printed droid tile, a custom nameplate, a Brickarms blaster, a custom Wookiee Cookie tile, and finally, a custom printed panel piece with some Sleigh Squadron Graffiti. She also has the first unique Sleigh Squadron backing card! 

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