Jungle Commando Custom Minifigure

Jungle Commando Custom Minifigure by eclipseGrafx is a fantastic minifigure and what really stands-out is the tattoo on the arms. The detail is amazing and the custom painting is top draw.

The custom painted EclipseGrafx Jungle Commando Minifig is geared for heavy combat in the thick jungle. With his BrickArms Assault Carbine, and his vest stockpiled with extra clips, this warrior will fight to his last breath.

Jungle Commando comes with the following:

1 – Camo Do Rag
1 – Custom Painted Tan Tactical Vest
1 – Custom Painted Assault Carbine
1 – Silver Machete
1 – Custom Painted Legs
2 – Tattooed Arms
1 – Minifig Watch

A top quality minifigure!