JasBrick’s Secrets revealed

JasBrick's Secrets revealed
JasBrick’s Secrets revealed by JasBrick

Jasbrick is one of the best custom minifig makers in my opinion, with just the basic parts of Lego minifigs and Lego minifig accessories, he’s been able to create some of the most impressive and creative custom minifigs, here in this photo we see how Jasbrick puts the finishing touches to some custom minifig caps, painting Lego parts is still a bit taboo for most lego fans but you have to admit that when the finished items are as good as Jasbricks you really cant go wrong.

Now, for a bit of a treat, if you recal Jasbrick has finally come up with a way to create gas masks for custom minifigs, and he’s been generous enough to share how:

Parts needed:
2 TLC Cable reels;
1 TLC Space binoculars.

1. Cut out the central triangle that sticks up in the space binocs.
2. Trim it down so the back is flat and it is just a cone.
3. Glue this to the face in a position that covers the mouth (WARNING: This mod is irreversible)
4. Cut the outer disc from each cable reel.
5. Glue each disc to the sides of the space binoc piece.