JasBrick Custom Minifigures

In the world of custom minifigures JasBrick is held in high esteem for producing high quality work and we are forever getting asked if his minifigures are for sale.

Well we are delighted to announce that FireStar Toys have just got in some of his new custom minifigures, as well as selling a large number of Special Forces, Brikviet, Space Marines, Halo, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, and Steampunk minifigures.

Jasbrick Gun Fu Panda Apoc Survivor.

Jasbrick Halo Spartan Custom Minifigure.

Jasbrick Halo Spartan Custom Minifigure.

Jasbricks custom minifigures are always hand painted to the highest standard and beautifully finished. Also remember they are very limited and sometimes one-off pieces.

See the full range of JasBrick Customs now.