Interview with Morgan190

Custom minifig Interview with Morgan190

Interview with Morgan190 – a custom minifig creation by Morgan190

Hi Morgan,
It’s been some time since we last caught up, thanks for doing another interview…

1. LEGO’s collectors minifig series – so we’ve seen 5 series of these come out now, do you think its helped with your own custom minifigs?

I hadn’t particularly thought about it before, but I suppose the Collectors series hasn’t really affected my figs any differently than other sets’ figures, to be honest. I tend to look across all themes as one big chance to work with official parts, regardless of whether they’re collectible or the old-fashioned “from a set” variety. Not to say I don’t appreciate the wider range of pieces and designs they allow me to work with; I just haven’t seen much use with them yet.

2. Do you think the collectors series has helped to support custom minifigs as a niche of AFOL?

Absolutely. LEGO seems to really have jumped on the minifigure-train these past couple years: between the collectible figures, new molds or prints, and their increasingly common tactic of putting new and/or exclusive figures in sets, it would appear the company is really pushing to give figures a more prominent place in their products. Because of that, the increase in range of parts available means more people are dabbling with making their own figures and, more importantly, posting them for others to see and comment on. If the collectibles are LEGO’s “gateway drug” to someone getting into customization, that’s great. 😉

3. I loved your Halloween advent calander, and your Fabuland-style custom minifigs, any big projects coming up?

Right now I’m working on a collection of about a dozen figures based on a certain anime series, with customization largely focused on new custom decals. I’ve been thinking about doing this particular set for over a year and, now that I’m finally building up momentum with it, hope to have it finished and posted in the next month or so. I have another very unique minifig-based project in mind once that’s done, but that’s still in the early planning phase…

4. With all the new custom minifig houses coming out, any plans on going pro?

In terms of pieces for my use, producing my own parts in one way or another (casting, etc.) has always been in the back of my mind… I’d love the flexibility that would provide but just haven’t ever felt comfortable or knowledgeable enough to take the plunge. Now that user-based 3D rendering and sites like Shapeways seem to be on the rise, I’m definitely looking into it more.

As for actually selling parts? Who knows. Despite being approached to do so, I’ve always shied away from selling figures because I’m so attached to them and never meant to be doing this for income, but developing a 3D render and then letting people buy the physical part is more attractive because it doesn’t involve me parting with any of my LEGO collection. =P

5. You’re very active within the custom minifig community, what advice would you give to a beginner looking to get involved?

Don’t let yourself get discouraged or overwhelmed. Find inspiration where you can, and just run with it. And if you ask me, don’t let yourself be limited by the definition of what is or isn’t “allowed” in customization… Decide for yourself what you want to do and just DO it.

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