Interview With Commander Wolffe

Custom Minifig had its first worthy volunteer to be interviewed in our series of interviews to show off the best of Lego Minifig customization’s. So take it away Commander Wolffe:

1. How did you first get into custom minifigs?

It’s quite a long story. As a young boy, I lived in Asia. My dad was from the U.S., so we would go there almost every year. The first place I would want to go was M.O.A. (Mall of America) in Minnesota. We’d head down there and I’d always get one Lego set. Then we went back and it repeated each year. (I’m getting a little off-topic am I not?) Too make a long story short, we moved to the U.S. and I got hooked into Lego. But I wanted more. I searched Lego Star Wars videos on Youtube and soon discovered Fliplit, I watched his custom clone videos (which turned me into a clonetard), and then I moved on to Flickr. Being a noobie, I commented on several pros’ pictures and when they found my pictures, made fun of them, and many other things. But that didn’t stop me. I thought my clones were as good as MinifigMaker’s or Dutch’s. Months later, I don’t know how but I got transitioned to WWII, and from there modern and Post-Apoc, where I am today.

2. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

As mentioned in the previous post, Fliplit was my first inspiration. After I was on Flickr, Justin Pyne inspired me to be less of a clonetard (you know, without the sharpie stuff), and then I discovered Pedro, EclipseGrafx, McLovin, and Pecovam, who I idolized.

3. Are there any customizers that you look up to, or inspire you?

Currently, my main ideas come from Bansheeshee, Natsy, Bricker, and McLovin, as well as the people listed in my previous post, who are good friends and inspirations. Others such as the famed Lego Junkie, TMM, and Silencer have inspired me to build as well.

4. What do you think of the Lego Collectors series?

I definitely love the series. Though I am not very fond of the mystery idea. Especially since the bar code option is gone. Sometimes it takes me forever to find one figure I want while my mom waits impatiently. IMO, the series would be a lot more popular and look a lot better if they were flesh-colored. Other than those, I really like the series and I hope it goes on for at least another year!

5. Are you currently on any new projects?

Yes. Not much really, as I do like to keep my builds up to “look at”. You see, every time I make a build, I have to take down my previous build. So I can never have two (good) builds at a time. My builds are mainly for contests, so I do it for the sake of that. To be more precise, I am currently working on a Task Force 141 (from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series). I am awaiting time to make an order for more parts as I am low on supplies. Another project I am working on is a Christmas-themed moc, to lighten up the holidays. Last but not least, I am working on my faction (which still needs to be umphed-up as they are currently standard BrickArms modern Combat soldiers).

Well, thank you all for taking the time to read this as it’s been an honor to be able to answer these few questions. 🙂