Interview With Cmorgenweck

Here at Custom Minifigs we want to meet as many people as possible who love minifig customization, and get their views and inspirations. Cmorgenweck was kind enough to agree to be interviewed:

1. How did you first get in to custom minifigs?

I first got into custom minifigs when I was looking through flickr a year or two before I made an account and saw Catsy’s and Jasbrick’s work on here. I felt instantly inspired.

2. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

I mostly get my idea from friends, video games, movies, or even my dreams.

3. Are there any customizers that you look up to, or inspire you?

I am inspired by the work of quite a few people, but the people I am mostly inspired by are The~Bricker, Catsy, Jasbrick, Pecovam, and Geoshift. They make great customs and are amazing painters!

4. What do you think of the Lego Collectors series?

I think it is great! I am horrible at designing decals and I can’t print them properly, so all the printing has really helped me out. If I do not like something I simply mod it. I am horrible at sculpting, so the new and extremely detailed accessories help me out a lot, too!

5. Are you currently on any new projects?

Yes, actually. I am working on many of the characters from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. I have most of the ones I am doing done, but have a few more I need to finish or even start.

Thanks so much for interviewing me!

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  1. Your welcome! Each week I will be sending out Q&A’s to other people, so keep an eye out on your inboxes on flickr, or post a comment on here and I will be in touch 🙂

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