Interview Liam4242

We came across Liam4242 on Flickr and really liked some of his recent MOC’s (My Own Creation) and painted custom minifigures and accessories, so we were delighted when he agreed to be interviewed:

How did you first get into custom minifigs?

About a year ago, I saw some really cool military figs on Google Images. They inspired me to make my own. They were downright terrible, but they were a start!

Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from movies (Full Metal Jacket, A Bridge Too Far), books (Code Talkers, We Were Soldiers), and other customisers (CaptainMatt, Bricker)!

If there was one character that you wished Lego could produce who would it be?

I would have to say Teddy Roosevelt. He was an really interesting guy, plus he would have a very helpful head! I think many others would agree!

What do you think of the Lego Collectors minifigures series?

I think it is a great idea. They have so many unique, useful parts that help customisers a lot! I’m always wondering what they’ll come out with next! I hope the series continues!

Are you currently on any new projects?

Yes. I plan on making some WW2 and Vietnam Marines, plus some camouflage figs! I don’t know how they’ll turn out, but we’ll see!

Do you have any tips to pass onto other customisers?

If you think you can do, you’ll succeed. If you don’t like how your final product looks, do some research, get a reference, and see what can be improved!

Thanks for this interview, I enjoyed it thoroughly!