Insectoid trooperâ„¢

insectoid trooper

(insectoid trooper by exxtrooperâ„¢)

Finally is the word I can describe today, after 2 months I finally got the stuff I traded whit my good friend Tim. He gave my this great modified headpiece whit teeth (or something like that) as you can see. It was simple a head whit 2 holes (driled) and these teeth pieces glued in, and painted. It’s a really intresting modification and I just had to make a fig whit it. But that wasn’t easy so I made a custom helmet whit custom visor ro make it more sci if like. It turned out good and the brickarms SAR ang grenades was a good touch. The armor is a TLC samurai armor painted black whit custom decal. I know this fig doesn’t have many decals like my other figs, but i still like it.

– you know my name ;D