Indestructible Hero Custom Minifigure

Indestructible Hero Custom Minifigure

This Indestructible Hero Custom Minifigure is another fantastic release by Phoenix Customs and their 11th minifigure. Inspired by the New 52 design this minifigure is professionally pad printed on the front of the head, front and side legs, and front and back torso.

He comes with a custom made cape from MMCB Capes of Australia which has a printed logo, and a printed collectors card which has a very nice render of the minifigure.

Along with the design the stand-out feature of this minifigure is the printed dual molded legs which gives the appearance of 360 degree boot printing.

This Indestructible Hero Custom Minifigure  was made in limited quantities and is available to buy at now.

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