Hyperborea CUUSOO Project

We were having a look at some of the latest projects on CUUSOO and came across Hyperborea which looks amazing and deserves as much support as possible.

Hyperborea follows the adventures of an expedition sent to explore the newly-discovered hollow world inside Earth, Hyperborea chronicles a variety of eccentric adventurers in an alternate-history, steampunk world. They face a variety of challenges and mysteries, including the sightless dinosaurs of Lower Hyperborea, and the powerful and mystifying Illuminati, an ancient organization obsessed with building pyramids.

The characters which look great as minifigures are as follows:

Dr. Archibald Thunder: A cheerful (but unlucky) archaeologist with a specialty in symbols.
Sister Helen Potter, a cyborg nun with, quite literally, a heart of gold.
Lieutenant Jack Hamilton, the disturbingly cheerful head of expedition security.
Professor Charlotte Raines: An unconventional but effective cryptozoologist.
Lord Lewis Wotheringham-Smythe XII: A fitfully lucid expert in “unusual occurrences.

With an assortment of gadgets, vehicles, and contraptions, Hyperborea promises to be a hit with clever constructions, playable vehicles and locations.

Give Hyperborea your support now!