Human Torch Custom Minifigures Review

Human Torch Custom Minifigures Review

Johnny Storm is the Human Torch and part of the Fantastic Four who gained their powers after a mission in space went wrong. Due to the popularity of the Fantastic Four there has been a number of different custom minifigures released of him., so we decided to do a comparison blog.

From left to right: The Legion of Minifigs, Minifigs4u and Green Pea Toys.

Green Pea Toys Human Torch Custom Minifigure

This Green Pea Toys Human Torch custom minifigure is the cheapest of the three and laser printed on the face, front torso and legs. There is no back or side printing. The design is orginal and even the hip piece comes with a continuation of the flame print. The laser print is a bit grainy however the price does reflect the quality. 6/10

Match Stick Minifigs4u Custom Minifigure

This Match Stick Minifigs4u custom minifigure is digitally printed and comes with printing on the head, front and back torso, front and back legs and arms. The design is excellent and the printing is very high quality however this does reflect on the price.  The only negative point is that Minifigs4u have not released the rest of the team. We would love to see The Thing! 8.5/10

The Legion of Minifigs Human Torch Custom Minifigure

The Legion of Minifigs Human Torch is the most expensive of the three minifigures and comes with a digitally printed head, torso, legs and arm printing. There is however no back printing. The design is very simple yet very effective, and the print quality is excellent. Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman and The Thing are also available by The Legion of Minifigs which is great news if you want to collect the whole team. 8/10


As a stand-alone minifigure Minifigs4u just wins because of the 360 degree printing, however if you want to buy the whole team then we recommend The Legion of Minifigs Human Torch.