How to Add Helmet Netting

from the brickter, excellent step by step tutorial on how to create camo netting on custom minifig helmets, and they are really nicely done too! see here


tems needed:
Small scissors
Black tulle (netting)
Super Glue
A TLG piece to hold the helmet up

Step 1: Super Glue the complete outer-rim of the helmet.

Step 2: Pull down the black tulle (netting) down over the helmet, pull tight, and hold until the Super Glue dries.

Step 3: After the Super Glue dries, glue the outer-rim again over the tulle (netting).

Step 4: Cut the excess tulle (netting) as close as you can to the helmets outer-rim.

Follow these steps closely, and you’ll have a netted helmet! 😉