Horde Mode on Rustlung 2 MOC

Horde Mode on Rustlung 2 is a great little MOC(My Own Creation) that showcases some really nice Gears of War custom minifigures by pecovam with Brick Afflictions Coalition weapons and armour.

Andrew uses a great combination of LEGO and his own custom pieces and the minifigures have a huge amount of detailing which is then nicely painted. The sawn off shotgun and the COG Silverback really stand-out.

The characters in the MOC are Anya Stroud curb stomping a locust, Journey’s End Marcus Fenix with the active reload sawn off shotgun, Clay Carmine chain sawing through a grub, and The Coletrain in the drivers seat of the silverback.

This is Andrew’s full collection of Gears of War Custom minifigures. Even though they are all wearing the same Brick Affliction armour each one has been painted differently so they all look unique. There has been a lot of time, effort and thought put into these custom minifigures so we hope they will inspire more people to get involved in this amazing hobby.