Hockey Night in Canada

Custom minifig Hockey Night in Canada

Hockey Night in Canada – a custom minifig creation by powerpig

I really can’t wait for the new series 4 minifigures to be released here in the UK, being in the uk means we’re usually a little late in getting new lego stuff. never the less, back to this minifigure, i think lego really did a great job with serie 4 minifigures, there are some real gems such as this ice hockey minifigure, the parts are really cool, such as the skates and stick but what caught my eye was the helmet, visior and vest, yes the vest is pretty normal, but something tells me we’re going to see american football player minifigures soon

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2 Responses to Hockey Night in Canada

  1. David says:

    Hi guys!
    Been watching this blog avidly and love the minifigs presented.
    Just saw the comment re: Minifigures Series 4… Just bought a few in Tesco this morning – and was pleased to find Hazmat Guy in one of the packets!

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