Heavy post-apoc trooper. [Re-Upload]

Custom minifig Heavy post-apoc trooper. [Re-Upload]

Heavy post-apoc trooper. [Re-Upload] – a custom minifig creation by »Matthijs«™

nice custom minifig from Matthijs who has been really keen to see his custom minifigs on here, we get a lot of emails from people asking for their custom minifigs to be show cased and whilst i’d love to show everyones work, ther does have to be a minimum standard, so i figured i’d give you all a quick guide on what it takes to get your custom minifigs on to customminifig.co.uk

1. they need to be custom minifigs not just lego head swaps
2. photos need to be clear and close ups
3. where you’ve used paint we need to see nice clean paint jobs not jsut smudges and poor detail, if in doubt compare with KJ, Jasbrick and FB, who all use paint very effectively.
4. think about custom minifig parts and decals, we love detail!

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