heavy badlands dragoon custom minifig

(by E.E.Woulfe )

Very nice use of both brickforge accesories and brickarms weapons, and all the brickforge accesories are from 3 completely differnt categories! The pauldrons are from middle age, the armor is sci fi and the helmet is world war 2, these are some very good ideas and this guy will get alot of credit. The rifle is a modded brickarms m4 assault rifle whit a painted magazine and the backpack is a tlc droid body.

5 thoughts on “heavy badlands dragoon custom minifig

  1. i was shocked to see this on here haha! glad you liked it and i was actually wondering if anyone had modded the bf armor like that before. glad you liked it. if you wouldnt mind would you replace the image you have with the updated painted figure? hope i can keep you interested in the future!

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