hazel NEW m4


Brand new, hot off the press, Hazel’s just made one of the most detailed M4 weapons ever, these are going into products and will be on sale shortly at minifigshop. This is the first stage model and will go through a few more remoulds before the final version is released.

2 thoughts on “hazel NEW m4

  1. Wow! That IS detailed! Where did you get the picture? I’m guessing since you and HAZEL have a little business deal going you get to see new stuff before everyone else. I think the weapon needs a little bit of improving but is otherwise REALLY good!

    1. hi, yes hazel is a supplier for our store, and we do get a slight preview of what comes up and we advise on what hazel should do next, next up we’ve got chest rigs, jin roh custom minifig, killzone minifigs and a few secrets that are going to amaze you.

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