Hazel Killzone Jin Roh Lego custom minifigs

As if you thought hazel had shown enough, here are yet more jaw dropping photos from hazel, this will be the next line of products to be released. the Jin Roh character will come in several parts, and should most likely be a limited run product.











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8 Responses to Hazel Killzone Jin Roh Lego custom minifigs

  1. ORRANGE says:

    wow i love the helghast sniper ” last pic ” fantastic work

  2. ORRANGE says:

    makes you the armor for the sniper ? and for the helghast helmet on the first pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/hazel-fantasy/3833135346/in/set-72157621947582629/ ???

  3. ORRANGE says:

    oh sorry not the last pic the 8. pic “sniper helmet “

  4. ORRANGE says:

    and my last question have you still a different helghast or are now all

  5. The Decal artist says:

    Very nice, these are amazing!

  6. HAZEL says:

    Helghast still have 3 to go ~ but i not have try you making that one ~ i think that one you make is ” the best “~ :]

  7. Vaughan says:

    It aint called the Amazing Armory for nothing huh? =) Outstanding work.

  8. nikiah says:

    how much money for the killzone stuff?

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