Hazel-Fantasy JINROH Custom minifig

Hazel-Fantasy JINROH Custom minifig
Hazel-Fantasy JINROH Custom minifig by HAZEL- 名もなき詩

after meeting with hazel, he passed me the final prototype, at present this is the only fully completed Jin Roh custom minifig, and it is truely awesome, the photo doesn’t do justice to the level of detail, quality of workmanship and finish on the custom pieces shown on this minifig, this is a limited run product as its made up of several parts, so get your hands on it while you can, the mould is made for only 500 and its unlikely the be remade any time soon. the Jin roh minifig kit comes with the rifle, shield,helmet,chest armour, waist armour and gsamask, all you need is a black minifig to complete it.

5 thoughts on “Hazel-Fantasy JINROH Custom minifig

  1. man!!!!!!! my favorite subject is now lego! gotta get one! when is it available?

    also, doe the sculptor make 1/6 scale armour etc for gi joe type dolls?

  2. i held off buying one until i can get an answer to this next question: the waist armour isnt pictured on the buying page. is it included?

    p.s. as a product suggestion, 1/6 jin roh and helghast masks are a definite buy. if you make them at any point, would be a good idea to let the 1/6 guys on onesixthwarriors.com know

  3. thanks! that means i need to get and buy the jin roh lego!

    any info on the 1/6 jin roh?

    i have never seen a 1/6 helghast. they arent available in 1/6 from what ive seen.

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