God & Monsters Funny Brick Custom Minifigures

In an alternate universe, the Justice League—Batman (Dr. Kirk Langstrom), Wonder Woman (Bekka), and Superman (Hernan Guerra, son of General Zod)— is a brutal force that maintains order on Earth. The lack of accountability for the League is challenged following the suspicious deaths of three scientists: Victor Fries; Ray Palmer; and Silas Stone, along with his young son Victor Stone.

God & Monsters Funny Brick Custom Minifigures

These God & Monsters Custom Minifigures are high quality Pad printed minifigure by Funny Brick and feature double sided printed heads, a custom helmet and printing to the front and back of the torso. They also comes with leg and arm printing.

Finally they are packed in a plastic box and each come with a metal numbered /100 collectors plate.

Check out the full range of custom minifigures by Funny Brick now.

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