GI Brick Exclusive Delta Operative Minifigure

This exclusive G.I. Brick Delta Operator features custom printed head, double sided torso, and legs designs by EclipseGRAFX and includes the BrickArms Printed Helmet and Digital Camo Printed HAC.

Made in a limited amount this custom minifigure looks great and comes with a Pad Printed Digital Camo HAC, a GM Combat Knife, a Black MinifigWorld Stand for $35.

A top secret mission that’s critical to national security? Dropped into the middle of enemy territory with unknown dangers around every corner? It’s just another day of work for the G.I. Brick Delta Operator! As part of an elite Army counter-terrorism unit, the G.I. Brick Operator has the skill and advanced training to complete his missions, especially when he’s armed with his BrickArms Digital Camo HAC.

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