G-Bricks Cast Pieces

G-Bricks Cast Pieces
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

G-Bricks have just releases a new collection of casts which are available to buy through his Flickr page:

Top left: is a new molle vest sculpt. This has intentionally been left very plain (no hoods or groin plates etc) but it does come with a really nice removable shemagh, which allows a standard head piece to slot right down flush with the top of the torso, instead of pushing the head piece up.

Top middle is a recast of his GPNVG’s.

Top right are 2 new sets of arm and glove combo’s: left is t-shirt and elbow pads and right is long sleeve generic military shirt.

Left middle: is a recast of his older Spec Ops headpiece. This has be reworked a little, so that the helmet comes down a little further at the back and there is also a counter weight at the back.

Centre: Tactical Mando set. As mentioned this is available as a set and this also features a knife sculpt which didn’t feature in the original sculpt that I uploaded a while back.

Middle right: recast of his ACR rifle.

Bottom left: Military leg assembly.

Bottom middle: Sunglasses. These can be used for marksman glasses and look great paired with an Ops Core helmet, or baseball cap etc.

Bottom right: Glove sculpts.

G-Bricks New Parts & Recasts
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

The top row are all new sculpts and consist of:

-Twin Vector mag pouches

-Medic pouch

-x2 LMG pouches

-Belt bag/fanny pack/bumbag or whatever else it’s called where you’re from ; D

-Miscellaneous storage pouch

-Triple AR mag pouches

The second row are recasts of the better pouches from my previous pouch set.

At the bottom there is a Baseball cap with headset sculpt, which also has a hairline at the back, which can be easily removed with a blade if need be.

The last piece is a redesign of his Ops Core Base version helmet. It just has a better shape with a thicker front wall, the bungees and rails are more detailed and just look better.