Frustrations with a particular BrickLink Seller

So I was shopping on bricklink, which for me is very unusual, I don’t even use eBay, especially considering I work in internet marketing, so I know all about the scams ppl run and I’m generally not very trusting.

I feel really strongly about this, so much so, that really I’m taking a break from showing you the cool custom minifigs from around the web, to give you the low down, in the hopes that you won’t fall for the same mistake.

Now I have to point out this is probably a transaction mistake that got out of hand but the point is very simple, and clear.

So to name and shame a less than professional outfit don’t shop at dmjesper

here’s the low down:

I’d made an order for the following:

Order Date: 1/4/2009 2:03:48 AM
Payment By:
Payment In: US Dollar
Buyer Requests Insurance: No

Total Items: 20
Unique Items (lots): 3
Total: $15.95

I paid instantly

Amount: $19.45 USD
Transaction Date: 4 Jan. 2009

THREE days later it was ‘shipped’ (the 7th)

on the 19th (12 days later) I STILL hadn’t received anything so I sent the following:

Hi Jesper,

I hope you are well, I’m contacting you as I’ve still not yet received the below order from you and i wanted to see what the matter might be?

I got the following back (to be fair) the same day I emailed:

Thats sounds not gut. I don’t have a tracking number becouse of no insurence.

I can send you some new police men and headgear if you not se the packet within the next days

Regards Jesper
On the 22nd (another 3 days later)

I sent the following:

Hi Jasper,

I still haven’t received any of my order 🙁

what can we do to resolve this? 

I got the following message the same day:

I will send you some policimen and headgear.

I don’t have to, becouse you have not chosen insurence, but I do it anyway.

I will send it this weekend

Regards Jesper

HANG on a moment, didn’t I just PAY YOU?! Haven’t I just waited for erm…18 DAYS?! and YOUR doing ME a favor? MATE you’re lucky I’m still willing to WAIT before posting negative comments!

so the 27th arrives a full 23 days since i first made the order.

I get the following:

I have send you some new policemen and headgear. I hope you get the new packet. I’m going on holiday friday. I will be back in march


Jesper Pedersen
Owner of Castle Bricks etc

STILL NOTHING so on the 29th I posted, on the BrickLink site, admittedly I didn’t have insurance, but I’m willing to entertain that things do get lost in the post, and whilst I didn’t mention it i was happy to split the cost of the next posting, and ultimately made it clear I wanted to resolve things.

i posted the following comment:

 after 24days waiting and two deliveries, I am still waiting. :( 

as a negative comment, which i believe is fair whilst not being accusational or attacking, after all its true, i am STILL waiting and it HAS been 24 days, and he IS going on vacation, and his store IS CLOSED!

I got an email:

Why are you giving me negative feedback, when we were communicating and I promise to send you new items. They were send to you tree days ago!

Plese remove the negative feedback.



Mate, i’m posting negative feedback because I STILL haven’t receive my order! DUH! and lets face it as far as negative feedback goes, you got off lightly!

Next thing I know, he’s given ME negative feedback, the cheek!

this was the response he gave on bricklink:

Reply: I’m too kind. I have allready send two packages. He have not paid for insurence!

Then he posts feed back to me:

Have shipped two times. He have no insurence. Thats too expensive for me!! 

It’s now the 31st of January, a whole 27 days after my inital order, since then 6 of my bricklink orders have arrrived without a hitch, and 2 have contacted and give clear and concise deadlines for when I should expect delivery. Its only today that I received the items I ordered and…

1. they were poorly packaged (fine, not a biggie, I can appreciate we need to make a saving here)

2. there was not letter of apology in the envelope or anything of that nature (fine, thats jsut splitting hairs)


3. THE ORDER WAS WRONG! can you believe it? ONE of the items (minifig heads) i orders was replaced with  totally different minifig heads! :O

and now I’m supposed to be the one feeling bad for giving criticism?! c’mon mate, thats rubbish, I PAID YOU to deliver YOU FAILED…TWICE!

basically lessons learned 1. don’t shop with dmjesper, terrible customer service, and 2. get insurance so anyone else who tries this won’t be able to get away with it.

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7 thoughts on “Frustrations with a particular BrickLink Seller

  1. I have had a few “bad expiriences” with Briclink too. although the products being sold are good, they take weeks to be delivered. e.g.when i orders 20 clone troopers for my army.

  2. To be fair to Jesper i have had countless transactions with his business and his despatch times put most of the UK to shame, yours is a very bitter assessment on his character don1t you think ?. Insurance on deliverys is there for a reason , you did not choose it and so it got lost, your choice your loss..stop being so bitter and grow up.

  3. I have always had bad experiences with bricklink. Once i ordered a batch of about 20 clone troopers and i got insurence. I waited about a month and a few days for the clones. and the decals i ordered also took about a month! Here is some advice people- dont shop on bricklink! It is just about the most unreliable online store i have used. I even paid twice for my orders! i gave up and asked the seller for my money back, and they refused!

  4. I guess you were just unlucky. I’ve 20+ orders so far and I had no problems with any of them.

    Next time try to find a seller with good feedback (200-300+) and little (2-3) or no negatives.

    P.S. International shipping takes time, don’t be so inpatient.

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