Free Lego Star Wars minifig poster

Free Lego Star Wars minifig poster by Dunechaser/eurobrick

When you order from Lego on 3rd May, you’ll receive a free poster, and this poster is a must have for all custom minifig fans, why? Because it covers all 160 Lego star wars Minifigs made, to commemorate10 Years of Lego Star Wars, sweetness.

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5 Responses to Free Lego Star Wars minifig poster

  1. monkeeapples says:

    how awesome! but unfortunately i missed out)= is it still possible to get this poster anywhere?

  2. kyle says:

    awesome!!!!! i dont have ANY star wars minifigs or sets. i wish i had some though….

  3. ttris says:

    I am a bign of lego star wars and i want more minifigs can you suggest anything

  4. Dean says:

    Try, there are heaps of Star Wars minifigs for sale on there.

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