Fine Clonier custom minifigs

so a whole range of custom minifigs from Fine Clonier for you to enjoy

first up two versions of captain america in custom minifig form with some excellent decals and a custom lego bike…love the custom minifig on the left, the decal with all the pouches etc rocks.

love the fabric bit on this custom minifig the printed design is really futuristic and looks totally awesome. the decals on the custom minifigs face i don’t quiet fancy but thats just personal opinion

a classic custom minifig of superman, note the use of the arealight cape.

fantastic decal on this custom minifig of thor, presumably based on the new film, not the hammer that was custom made by fine clonier, i can see medieval theme custom minifig fans licking their lips at this one. really nice.

all these custom minifigs are by fine clonier.

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  1. This is thor, right?

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    This site is awesome!

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