Featured interview with Obxcrew

 Featured interview with Obxcrew

(custom minifig by obxcrew)

1. obxcrew, tell us a bit about yourself, you’ve made quite a name for yourself on the custom minifig circuit, how did you first get started?

My name is Chandler, I’m sixteen, and I live in Norfolk, VA, in the USA.

I’ve been a fan of LEGO for as long as I can remember, but I’ve only recently gotten into the online community. It all started back in 2007 on the BrickArms Forums, which I discovered after happening upon BrickArms on eBay. My obsession with LEGO has snowballed since then. . . .

2. You’re currently a moderator on the Brick Arms custom minifig forum, and you’re a big fan of the brick arms weapons, how do you find the current debate about purist vs modified minifigs?

The way I see it is everything is fair game with minifigs. Unlike a creation, you can only do so much with a minifig, so I think that a little cheating is in order. I’m pretty much a purist when it comes to actual creations, however.

3. One of my favourate vignettes is your survival plane crash, how did you go about creating this? was it just a case of putting Lego brick together and voia la, or did you pre-plan all the aspects of the build first?

I made that quite a while ago, but I vaguely remember that I had what I wanted to build in mind before I actually tackled it. I usually try to plan things out in my head before I start building, but, more often than not, the creation changes drastically as I go along.

Oh, and that’s actually a broken overpass, not an airplane, though it’s a bit hard to tell.

4. Do you have any advice or suggestions of newbies as to how to start in minifig customization?

Let’s see . . . I’d encourage them to have a look at the Fine Clonier Forums, as there are some very helpful articles there, as well as many skilled customizers that are more than willing to answer any questions that they may have.

5. When it comes to find the right pieces for a build I’ve found it really tough to get the right bits, how do you manage to build such impressive vignettes such as your Twoface bank vault scene, without going mad trying to find the right pieces?

You’ve got it all wrong, as I go mad quite often while building. 😉

But seriously, I do end up sifting through considerable amounts of LEGO just to find what I’m looking for, though I do have my bricks sorted by color. I often end up placing orders from BrickLink just to finish creations, as well.

6. Thanks for the interview I really appreciate it and i’m sure the readers of custom minifig will enjoy reading it, as a parting note, do you have any new projects on the way? care to give us a sneak peak?

Right back at you!

In regards to upcoming creations, I should have my contribution to the LUGNuts 15th Build Challenge finished soon . . . among other things. 😉