fallout 3 custom minifig

fallout 3 custom minifig by chaosfish1

(fallout 3 custom minifig by chaosfish1)

This is a cool fallout 3 custom minifig which has a few custom parts as well as standard Lego parts, its based on the new fallout 3video game. unfortunately it doesn’t have that clean cut and crispness unlike some of the other custom minifigs I’ve seen but whilst its still a bit raw round the edges its a good idea, particularly the shoulder pads and modified helmet.

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4 Responses to fallout 3 custom minifig

  1. lane miller says:

    when I get enough money can I buy a set

  2. lane miller says:

    can I in the summer time when I can get enough money

  3. lane miller says:

    and that was yesterday and I couldnt

  4. keshafabo says:

    Is this buyable?

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