Falcon Brigade Custom Minifigures

Falcon Brigade Custom Minifigures
Photo courtesy of Wyvern314

These Falcon Brigade Custom Minifigures are a defense unit that operates on the Eastern border of what is currently known as Russia in the year 2152. They defend against ocean attacks and air raids, along with convict escapes and riot control.

The members of Falcon Brigade are (from left to Right)

Johnson- Medic and Soldier
Davis- Soldier
Falcon- Pilot
Phillips- Support and Comm
Psyche- Leader and Heavy Weapon Specialist
Specter- Sniper

The Falcon Brifade uses some nice combination of third party LEGO compatible pieces including the head and legs from eclipseGrafx, camo head from Citizen Brick, Modern Combat helmets from BrickArms and the torso from Brick Moc. Each minifigure has a weapon and overall a great storyline!