Fake LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures

Fake LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures

A Chinese company had started to flood ebay with fake LEGO DC and Marvel Super Heroes minifigures which come in packaged boxes. Please be aware that LEGO do not sell individual Super Heroes minifigures unless they are in polybags.

The print quality and plastic is very poor quality, which is reflected in the price. They can be easily identified as LEGO fakes by their feet which are shaped.

They have currently made Iron Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Superman, Spider-Man and Batman. Counterfeits are illegal, so I would expect LEGO to take the appropriate action.

7 thoughts on “Fake LEGO Super Heroes Minifigures

  1. What’s the difference between these and a ‘custom’ figure?
    They don’t appear to claim to be Lego.
    Custom lego minifigures use non Lego parts and claim to be Lego?
    There’s the Marvel and DC issues but that’s not Legos problem

  2. The original post says they are different. You can’t have ‘counterfeits’ that are different from the original.
    Anyway, my main point was, what is the difference between these and adding non lego parts onto a figure and calling it a Lego custom minifigure.
    Not looking for an argument, just looking for an informed opinion.

  3. I guess from your username these are yours!

    LEGO ask custom minifigure and parts vendors not to use the word LEGO in their descriptions. They also ask that their designs and images are not copied.

    I think you fail on the latter! Even the package branding uses LEGO images.

    I am sure the LEGO lawyers will be in touch in the near future. 🙂

  4. These custom Legos are actually quite good. I know there are lots of hardcore Lego people out there that do not like ‘fakes’, but these are awesome! I bought them on eBay and the seller was quite clear that they are not official Lego minifigures. I was delighted to find an alternate to the expensive ‘real’ Lego minifigures.

    Maybe Lego should lower its prices instead of gouging everyone for small plastic toys! Lego even sources out some of its Lego making to Chinese companies. So why would people pay so much for toys from Lego when they can get them so much cheaper as ‘knock-offs’?

    Sorry, but I do not care about all this legal stuff that companies hide behind, they are making billions in profits by price-gouging their customers. Lego doesn’t care about you, they just want your money! Sheng yuan sells cool toys to people for a fair price so I am getting every one they make.

  5. i despise bootlegs, however i have bought 4 seperate sets of these. Gotta say they are awesome, they are obviously not lego, however they are 100% compatible. The sets i have bought are closer to being mass produced customs, both ironman sets. iron man II, mark V, silver centurian, midas, bones, shotgun, orbital , the bootleg all unreleased. the offical bootleg ironman suits i got are gonna be scarred and painted so Custom. the Lantern corps set 8 different lanterns, only one that lego has was the limited run green lantern (lego makes no money off these anyways, all money is made by 2nd hand sellers). the superman set has a a few customs as well, along with a couple limited prints.

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