Emile & Jorge (Concept)

Custom minifig Emile & Jorge (Concept)

Emile & Jorge (Concept) – a custom minifig creation by The Knight (KJ)

i really like KJs painting style as its really well highlighted, ie. where the lighter shade has been painted over a darker shade of the same colour to give the impression of depth and light. it really brings out the decal in the custom minifig and gives it a very crisp quality.
Emile – Helmet and Armor by: Amazing Armory (Hazel), Gun (Modified by: KJ) Parts by: Little Armory and BrickArms, Vambraces (Modified by: KJ) and Ammo Pouch (Modified by KJ) by: Brickforge

Jorge – Helmet, Armor and Gun by: Amazing Armory (Hazel), Vambraces (Modified by: KJ) by: Brickforge

Paint by: KJ

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