Ekleipsis Team Eclipse of the Island Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Sci-fi/Action Movie Lover95

After his mission to reacquire stolen message/plans from the Spetsnaz, CIA operative Victor Sanchez and his team were sent to this mysterious island in search for an elusive killer which rumors said that the killer stalks and kills his prey one by one. However, things don’t go according to plan when Victor’s transportation gets shot down by an unknown entity. As soon as Victor regains consciousness, he finds out that he’s on the island, but his team is no where in-sight. Victor started being cautious about his surroundings and the ominous island, but as he begins lose all hope; he begins to realize that maybe, just maybe… The true killer on the island is within himself… But as his madness grows, he wonders if all of what has happened was for a reason….

This Ekleipsis Team of custom minifigures uses some great LEGO pieces including custom printed combat pants by eclipseGrafx, tactical vests and some great guns.

The team looks ready for action!