eclipseGrafx Military Assault Class Trooper Minifigures

New York custom minifigure designers eclipseGrafx have just released these fantastic Military Assault Class Troopers. They are available in tan or olive and come with a range of BrickArms and pieces and guns. They are priced at £15 which is great value for a minifigure that is digitally printed on all sides including the arms.

eclipseGrafx Military Assualt Class Troopers Night Vision Olive

As always eclipseGrafx has spent a lot of time designing the torsos and the detailing is fantastic. He comes with a tactical vest that has several pouches and glow sticks, as well as a scarf.

eclipseGrafx Military Assualt Class Troopers Tan

The back printing also has so more more pouches. The legs come with a digitally printed multicam print and feature pockets and kneepads. The feet look excellent too. The arm printing is very nice and he has a pocket on each shoulder.

Be sure to check out this video review: have these Military Assault Class Trooper Custom Minifigures in stock so get them now.