Draugr Custom Minifigs

Draugr by ROCKETMAN are three very cool custom minifigures. A draugr is the Norse version of a zombie but in some ways its more like a vampire.

Draugar were believed to live in the graves of dead Vikings, being the body of the dead. As the graves of important men often contained a good amount of wealth, the draugr jealously guards his treasures, even after death.

Draugar possess superhuman strength, can increase their size at will and carry the unmistakable stench of decay. They are also noted for the ability to rise from the grave as wisps of smoke. In folklore the draugar slay their victims through various methods including crushing them with their enlarged forms, devouring their flesh, and drinking their blood. Animals feeding near the grave of a draugr are often driven mad by the creature’s influence. Some draugar are immune to weapons.

Only a hero has the strength and courage needed to stand up to so formidable an opponent. In legends the hero would often have to wrestle the draugr back to his grave, thereby defeating him, since weapons would do no good. A good example of this kind of fight is found in Hrómundar saga Gripssonar.

We love the heads on these minifigs, the toros decals look great, and they each have a cool weapon. It’s nice to see some custom minifigures from a different theme.

Nice job!