DGAT-I Custom Minifigures

DGAT-I Custom Minifigures

Photo courtesy of Marineraider

These DGAT-I Custom Minifigures feature a range of high quality custom pieces and are part of the Direction Générale de Anti-Terrorisme/Insurrection formed by France in 2020 to work alongside the DGSE and DGSI to combat the massive rise in terrorist acts on France.

The camo head and balaclava head are by eclipseGrafx along with the tan and black Combat Pants. The tactical vests, back pack, pouches, gloves are easliy recognisable as the custom work of G-Bricks. As always they are highly detailed and make these combat minifigures look excellent. They also come with some Minifig.Cat night goggles.

This is a great photograph and if you visit Marineraider Flickr page you can read the full backstory of these minifigures.

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