Desert Nomad Custom Minifigure

Desert Nomad Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of Black Sun Customs

In the desert wasteland, everything is scarce, and uninhabitable. Only the desert nomads dare to live there, salvaging scrap, building weapons, and surviving the harsh terrain. Their excellent skills in fashioning dangerous weaponry such as the energy staff and the toxic gauntlet help them fend off enemies as they move from place to place in the rough terrain.

This Desert Nomad custom minifigure is a very nice custom build. The vest is made out of a credit card and the pouches from small pieces of wood. The bandolier is made from an old Star Wars action figure while the head is from a C3PO action figure. The left arm is by Brick Affliction and the legs come with some very nice armour which is from the LEGO handheld claw weapon found in the Prince of Persia sets. Finally the hood is sculpted from Green Stuff.

Overall this custom minifig is packed full of details and some unusual pieces were used in the build, including the staff made form a Playmobil weapon. The painting is also to a high standard making him a great looking minifigure.

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