Desert Future Soldier Custom Minifigure

Desert Future Soldier Custom Minifigure

Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

This excellent Desert Future Soldier is another custom minifigure to showcase the tactical vest, leg and face-guard pieces that G-Bricks are making available for commissions. Although this is a “future soldier” he opted for an old DCU camo pattern as the camouflage is so cool.

This minifigure is packed full of detailing including the orange helmet visor, vest, backpack, arm strap, gloves, and pockets and knee guards on the legs. The painting is high quality especially the breastplate and the camo, and he comes with a fantastic modified and painted rifle.

Overall this is an amazing custom minifigure, and G-Bricks are open to paid commissions if you want to grab one of their combat minifigures.

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