Delta Force Diorama Custom Minifigures

Delta Force Diorama Custom Minifigures
Photo courtesy of R.Goff1

Inspiration for this Delta Force Diorama comes from the film “Black Hawk Down”, which depicts the events surrounding “Operation Gothic Serpent” in the city of Mogadishu , Somalia in 1993. The original plan by the U.S. forces was to capture two high ranking members of the Somali “Habr Gidr Clan”, fronted by local warlord Mohammed Farrah Aidid.

A local civilian uprising stirred up by Aidid’s militiamen, resulted in two U.S. Black Hawk Helicopters being shot down within the city walls and a 24 hour stand off between the relatively small number of U.S. forces and thousands of armed civilians and militia.

The operation was carried out mainly by a task force of U.S. Army Rangers, 1st SFOD-D Operators (Delta Force) and 160th SOAR Pilots (Night Stalkers). A team of four U.S. Navy SEAL’s were later deployed, in an attempt to secure the helicopter crash sites.

Shall we just leave this at “Wow!” or add some description?

The Minifigures

There are 2 Delta Force custom minifigures which have some great combination of pieces which include knee pads, base M4 rifle by Tiny Tactical, and goggles and sidearm by

As with a lot of G-Bricks minifigures the vest, all pouches, pistol holster, backpack, cantina cant see), shotgun, shotgun shells, radio wire, headset and chinstrap, were all hand crafted from scratch.

The goggles have been modded, to include a clear visor and a stretchy fabric strap. The rifle has been modded to include a flash light, pressure switch and power lead, a sight with lens caps and has been given a custom paint job. The helmet has been given a chinstrap and a matte black paint job, with some dry brushing to highlight the vents.

The base minifigure has a Desert Camo Uniform base (DCU), sculpted leg and arm pouches, leg strapping, U.S. flag patches, a custom headset, cuffs and a tiny bit of paintwork on the face.

These minifigures look incredible and are packed full of detail, also the terrain piece really helps out in setting the scene they are inspired from.

The Base

The diorama was built entirely from Styrene sheet, except for the oil drum, which Richard found in a £1 store toy set and painted.

The detailing is excellent with the wooden effect on the boards, the blast marks and the broken windows. The purist in me says should this have been made out of LEGO? Possibly, however you wouldn’t have got this level of detailing, and of course it is excellently painted.

This Delta Force Diorama needs to be put in a display case and showcased at Brick events !